Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Journey

As you’ve probably figured out, I am a pastor’s wife. Youth pastor’s wife to be specific and I enjoy every minute of it! My husband and I, along with our youth students are at a place in our lives where we are so relentless for God. There is a shift taking place in our ministry, a new level that He is taking us, and my hopes are to encourage, inspire, and give hope to others as you read about the journey He is taking us on.

Every Wednesday night we have a Jr. High service and a High school service that we recently started. When my husband and I first came to Arizona, a year ago, we were only doing one service for sixth grade through twelfth grade. Now that we have separated the services, it is so great to really see each of the age groups shine and revolve into that position that God has designed specifically for them. It’s so great to see the timidity that once was with the Jr. High students, simply go away and turn into boldness. And the maturity that our high school students have stepped into is incredible. From the very beginning of service, they are there to do business with God. They come expecting and wanting.

Last night our Jr. High service was a little rowdier than usual, but rowdy for Jesus nonetheless. ) They cling on to every lesson taught and surprisingly, they remember EVERYTHING from the last lesson. Our children’s pastors did a great job giving these new Jr. High students a solid foundation in Christ. 

When we began our high school, the attendance was ironic when you take into consideration what the message was about. My husband taught about “Perspective” and at the beginning of service, not including student leaders we had a whole six students! Turns out there was a high school football game between two of the rival schools in town. By the end of service though, we had a good 20 students. It was such a different dynamic with a small number of students in the beginning, and by that, I mean a good one. As I sat back and watched as my husband gave the sermon, these students wanted to dive in deeper and know more about Jesus and His ways. They felt intimate enough to raise their hands and ask questions about the power of Jesus, or give their opinion about why they thought Jesus did the things He did. This is something I’ve not really seen with our high school students before. While this was happening God spoke to me and said, “This is what these students here today, need”. It made me realize and know, that the students that were there for that night, were the exact students that needed to be there.

God is doing miraculous and remarkable things in these students. He is just showing Himself in so many new and exciting ways to us and each and every time, it leaves us wanting more and more. 


  1. That is so awesome to hear what God is doing with the youth!! May God continue to bless you, Jacob, and the youth ministry!! I looke forward to reading more about what God has planned. :). PS. Ethan says he loves you and Uncle Jake very much!!

  2. Joe (Dad) just read the post and he said "That is awesome!) we are both so excited for you and Jake. Love you both Keep seeking HIM. xoxo