Saturday, November 19, 2011

Like Jesus

Do you notice how we can be friends with someone for weeks, months, sometimes even years and not know their life history? A passed is a very important key to what and who we are today. We live in such a society where it is all about “me” and we rarely make time to sit and listen to the life story of someone else. It’s almost hard to understand and have compassion on that person because we have no idea where they came from. Is that why now days, we see less deep rooted friendships and instead, we see more surface friendships? You can work with someone and spend time with someone for so long, but yet you know nothing about what really goes on in their lives.
Maybe that’s why Jesus loves us so much and has continual compassion on us? Because He knows our ENTIRE story, he “gets” us. He understands who we are and why our future is what it is.
Maybe it’s time for us (including myself) to take some time and focus on others. Focus on where they’ve been and not where they are now. So we too can have compassion and understanding on them. When someone entrusts you with their passed, they will then entrust you with their future. Let’s stop being surface people and start getting deep with people. After all, isn’t that what Jesus did when He was here?

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Psalm 23

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